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Healthcare Governance Review (HGR) is a free blog site, supported by Parkhill, that should appeal to anyone concerned with ‘governance’ matters in healthcare, including board members, senior managers, clinicians, assurance providers, policy makers and regulators.

Governance in healthcare is a multi-faceted issue. Essentially, governance relating to organisations started with the concept of financial aspects of good corporate governance in line with the Cadbury Committee report of the same name in 1992. Since 1992, governance has literally ‘grown like topsy’ and, in the NHS, there are well over 40 different ‘types’ of governance – from corporate to clinical, commissioning to research, and information to staff governance. Not all types of governance are necessarily governance in a strict sense, but are more appropriately described as ‘management’. Indeed, to some, governance in the NHS is ‘the new management.’  Notwithstanding this, Healthcare Governance Review is concerned with all aspects of governance in healthcare in the UK and internationally, however defined, and has a particular bias towards corporate and clinical governance, the role of boards, and the fields of risk and performance management, which are essential underpinning governance imperatives.

Healthcare Governance Review is edited by Professor Stuart Emslie, who is internationally known in the fields of healthcare governance and healthcare risk management. Stuart is Director of Healthcare Governance Limited (HGL) and an associate of Parkhill. He is a Fellow of both the Institute of Healthcare Management and the Royal Society of Medicine. He is honorary fellow in risk management and clinical governance at  Flinders University School of Medicine in South Australia, and visiting professor in healthcare governance and risk at Loughborough University Business School, where he developed and currently leads the World’s first postgraduate programme in healthcare governance. Stuart advises a number of organisations in the UK and internationally on healthcare governance matters and is formerly Department of Health head of controls assurance for the NHS in England.

Stuart can be contacted on: svemslie@aol.co.uk or +44(0)7932 376562

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