Concern over Chinese hospital management (and governance) following disposal of live baby as stillbirth

Healthcare Governance Review editor Professor Stuart Emslie runs an annual masters module in risk management and clinical governance for, typically, 150-200 senior medical doctors and administrators across China. The students undertake a Master of Hospital Administration, which is jointly run by Flinders University in South Australia and Nankai University in China.

A few weeks ago a live baby was inadvertently ‘disposed of’ by clinical staff in a hospital in southern China, very close to where Stuart was running his module in Guangzhou. The China Daily reported a problem with ‘hospital management’ and ‘medical ethics’ (click here). Some of the students were familiar with the staff involved in the incident and, as part of the module, carried out a mini root cause analysis (RCA) into the incident, citing fundamental root causes as inadequacies in management and clinical governance. One of a number of fishbone diagrams describing contributing factors and root causes regarding the baby disposal incident (apologies – we have yet to receive the written translation, but will post it when it arrives – Ed.).

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