HFMA issues governance (management?) guidance for clinical commissioning groups

The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) has issued a useful briefing document exploring governance arrangements for clinical commissioning groups as statutory bodies.

Perhaps rather misleadingly titled Governance: Managing a Corporate Organisation (‘governance’ and ‘management’ are two quite separate issues – Ed.) the document “looks at the arrangements commissioning groups may need to establish to ensure they avoid failure, can meet their statutory responsibilities and operate in the public interest. It considers where their accountabilities may lie and what can be learnt from existing NHS organisations and the way in which they fulfil their own accountability requirements. It looks at:
● Governance standards and what happens when things go wrong
● What it means to be accountable
● What accountability might look like for commissioning groups
● Key roles and responsibilities
● The practical implications.”

Whilst the title of the document might suggest to some that HFMA don’t know their governance from their management, they do define ‘governance’ in the document as “[being] concerned with how an organisation is run – how it structures itself, how it is led, how it is held to account and how it justifies its actions or decisions.” (OK – you decide whether they know the difference! Ed.)

The document can be downloaded at www.hfma.org.uk/publications-and-guidance/

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