What makes an excellent NHS foundation trust?

Research carried out by specialist healthcare management consultancy Finnamore, who were awarded the coveted title ‘Consultants of the Year 2010’ by HealthInvestor magazine, has identified, from a survey of NHS chief executives, their views on the fundamental question, ‘What makes an excellent Foundation Trust’?

According to Finnamore, “What this research begins to reveal are the characteristics of “great” in the NHS environment and the challenges that will be encountered along that journey. From our experience, FTs that will become “great” – and consequently be those that will thrive – will be those that seize the initiative on four fronts:

  • Transform services to become the “Right Shape and Right Size”.
  • Focus on quality to reduce costs.
  • Focus on patient satisfaction to secure, or indeed grow, their income base.
  • Adopt a more commercial attitude to how they develop services, broaden their base and reduce their reliance on NHS income alone.”

Read the Finnamore Foundation Trust Survey 2011 Summary report here.

Readers may be interested in other Finnamore reports on their site here.

Healthcare Governance Review is grateful to Finnamore for giving permission to link to their website.

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