Future Forum makes recommendations on Commissioning Consortia governance

The NHS Future Forum has published its recommendations to the Government on the modernisation of health and care.

Set up as an independent group in order to ‘pause, listen and reflect’ on the Health and Social Care Bill, the Forum has made 16 key recommendations, including:

 “Because the NHS ‘belongs to the people’ there must be transparency about how public money is spent and how and why decisions are made. The bill should require commissioning consortia to have a governing body that meets in public with effective independent representation to protect against conflicts of interest. Members of the governing body should abide by the Nolan principles of public life. All commissioners and significant providers of NHS-funded services, including NHS Foundation Trusts, should be required, as a minimum, to publish board papers and minutes and hold their board meetings in public. Foundation Trust governors must be given appropriate training and support to oversee their Trust’s performance – until governors have the necessary skills and capability to take on this role effectively, Monitor’s compliance role should continue.”

In an underpinning report on Patient Involvement and Public Accountability the Future Forum sets out further recommendations that aim to ensure ‘ effective systems of accountability and governance.’

Download the Future Forum reports here.

One Response to Future Forum makes recommendations on Commissioning Consortia governance

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