Trends in US healthcare board performance

Writing in the April 2011 issue of Trustee magazine, Jared Swiecicki, a program specialist at the Center for Healthcare Governance, Chicago, states that “…..board evaluation is among the top activities boards can undertake to improve both their ability to work as a team and their overall performance.”

In his feature article Trends in Board Performance Swiecicki sets out the ‘common features’ of ‘effective full board evaluation processes’ and identifies 8 ‘key practices’ of good healthcare boards. He also identifies the changes in board evaluation results (using the ‘Governance Assessment Process’ developed by the American Hospital Association’s Center for Healthcare Governance) from 2007-2009.

Read the full article, Trends in Board Performance by Jared Swiecicki here.

One Response to Trends in US healthcare board performance

  1. Richard Gudoi Gid'Agui says:

    In addition,
    It is true board performance can take an adhoc process or a clear results oriented contract performance contracts in the board structures. What defeats logic is when board performance is not tailor made but is based on other fundamental generic board guidelines. To me boards must face the strategic influence of competitive markets existing for their organisations and products amidst protecting reputation risks which can be at an organisational and board level. Another issue is when boards depend on the CEO directive in order for them to perform leaves alot of gap not attended to or filled in their performance. So when the board chair is well informed about board issues and a well structured board can bring their issues for inclusions,discussed as a team for organiational economic growth. When boards effectively communicate and when they can ask the right questions in the board room, the CEO wont use them as a stool for convenience.

    Board performance should be based attentively on performance contracts.If they are to add value to the investors shareholding and to their own Performance Improvement Programmes or Board programs , is another way of improving on their performance on contracts. Board should be held liable for the poor organisation performance since this performance is a result of, other things being constant, poor supervisory roles the play externally and internally and not strategally understanding the CEO who can easily be a mischievous person hold full conflict of interests against those of the investor and or other stakeholders.

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