The future of Leadership and Management in the NHS

The Kings Fund has published its report from The King’s Fund Commission on Leadership and Management in the NHS.

Unsurprisingly, perhaps, the report finds that “There is no persuasive evidence that the NHS is over-managed, and a good deal of evidence that it may be under-managed……..High-quality leadership and management at all levels is a prerequisite for a National Health Service that delivers both the highest possible quality of care to patients and the best possible deal for the taxpayer.”

Further, the report states that “Board development and recruitment need particular attention, most notably, but far from exclusively, in the case of foundation trusts where governors are to take on a new role as the autonomy of foundation trusts is significantly enhanced…….The same applies to the governance arrangements for the new commissioning bodies.”

Download The future of leadership and management in the NHS – No more heros here.

An overview of the commission’s findings, with expert panel discussion, can be viewed at:

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