Notable quote – boards and strategy

“It is the board’s role to oversee the formulation of strategy and to assess the implementation of that strategy by management………”

Garry Richardson, Chair of Health Super and the National Blood Authority, Victoria, Australia.

Here at Healthcare Governance Review, we believe the assertion in The Healthy NHS Board guidance that boards “formulate strategy” is fundamentally flawed.

If, however, any reader disagrees and feels that the board as a whole should formulate strategy, rather than oversee the formulation of strategy, please comment on this post. We welcome your input.

3 Responses to Notable quote – boards and strategy

  1. Dear all,
    I’m glad to be allowed to contribute to this assertion above by professor Garry.

    It is true that the board should over see policy formulation and assess its impact. There are many meduims to use of late. The measurable tasks of the board must be known to all committees through their mandate. Knowledgeable and skilled boards is paramount to adress corporate matters, communicating board resolutions to all stakeholders is a must.
    conditions at work places and quality of results should be understood. While this is so among others measures, the Board committees roles ,CEO,workers and other stakeholders should collectively know risks of strategic nature,operational nature, environmental nature,global nature, and natural hazards that should be adressed. The corporate boards should know how to manage reputational risks,only then can they know how to strategicaly contribute towards strategic implementation of board policies and organisational plans for quality service delivery.
    Richard Gudoi Gid’Agui MSc.Audit(UK),MBA,CIA,CFE,CFSA

  2. hsepilot says:

    excellent and much appreciated comments Richard – thank you!

    Prof Stuart Emslie Editor

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