National conference on complaints for clinicians and managers in health and social care

Healthcare Events are running their ninth national conference titled A Practical Guide to handling, resolving and learning from Complaints For Clinicians and Managers in Health and Social Care on Wednesday 23 March 2011 at Manchester Conference Centre, Manchester.

Chairman Peter Whiteley Senior Investigator The Local Government Ombudsman opens this one day practical event, and the conference features to extended session focusing on ‘Complaints investigations and developing the response’ and ‘difficult issues in Complaints’.

Delegates will have the opportunity to hear from and question a variety of healthcare professionals during these sessions on topics including; using the Complaint plan as a starting point, writing and developing a response in practice, legal and practical issues, sharing Complaints information and learning from Complaints within and across organisations and managing Complaints that involve vulnerable people.

The conference concludes with a presentation from Francis Lyons Associate Capsticks Solicitors, who will discuss principles of remedy, ensuring a fair and effective system and designing remedies in practice.

Topics include:

· Ensuring Complaints are integral to the improvement of the service we provide

· Learning from Complaints to the ombudsman

· Learning from Complaints and concerns and ensuring openness: the patient perspective

· Working together across boundaries: developing the complainant plan as the centre of the complaints system

· De-escalation, conflict resolution and responding to Complaints as they occur: role play and tips for training frontline staff

· Complaints investigation and developing the response

· Tools and techniques that can help

· Writing and developing the response

· Difficult issues in Complaints handling

· Information sharing, governance, disclosure and confidentiality

· Safeguarding within the Complaints process

· Learning from Complaints: making real change

· Learning from 10 years of Complaints handling in independent healthcare

· Complaints and principles for remedy

To download a brochure or book online, click here.

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