NHS ‘Landscape Review’

The National Audit Office (NAO) has produced a very helpful ‘landscape review’ of the NHS in England.

According to the NAO, “Given the scale of the reforms proposed, and the ongoing interest of the Committee of Public Accounts in the financial management of health spending and value for money in health delivery, we concluded it would be valuable, at this early stage, to provide an overview of the proposed reforms, to highlight key dependencies and establish an initial set of issues and benchmarks, against which the progress of the reforms can be assessed as they are rolled out. Questions framing this work, informed by both the current proposals and our past Value for Money reports on health topics,
will be:
 How the proposed NHS Commissioning Board and GP consortia are achieving value for money in commissioning.
 How economies of scale can be achieved in a localised system of NHS commissioners and providers.
 Whether data and information systems meet the needs of decision-makers, Parliament and the public.
 How the emerging market in healthcare is regulated to deliver efficient and high quality services.
 How the Department [of Health] will manage the transition in a way that controls costs and
protects the quality of services during transition.”

This is an excellent overview of the NHS currently, and as proposed.

Download the National Health Service Landscape Review here.

One Response to NHS ‘Landscape Review’

  1. Starr says:

    / I co287n&#lu1d;t agree more with your last statement. I’m fine with putting up a bad score as long as what I’ve been working on is showing some potential improvement and is giving me the hope that I can turn this into something good, and it did!I’d be more mad at myself if I would have walked away from this round and not learned anything at all! So glad that didn’t happen.

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