Bob Garratt on ‘making boards better’

According to international board expert, Professor Bob Garratt, a fundamental requirement in improving the quality of the board linked with the quality of business output concerns lack of rigorous selection, induction, development, appraisal and deselection of board members.

Writing in The Sunday Times on 9 January 2011, Professor Garratt also takes the opportunity to criticise Monitor, regulator of NHS foundation trusts, for requiring foundation trusts to follow the Combined Code of Corporate Governance, but not creating them as legal entities under the Companies Act. He is also highly critical of the dual board governance situation in NHS foundation trusts, where “[the] board of governors has been given draconian powers to select and dismiss the chairman, rather than this being a key function of the board of directors.”

Read Professor Garratt’s Sunday Times article Making boards better here.

2 Responses to Bob Garratt on ‘making boards better’

  1. Hi Prof.
    I have read with interest your observations regarding the way Boards are selected. This concern is not only for the UK HS, it cuts across the board in countries worldwide. Allow me to add to your voice that the whole issue obtaining in board selction in many cases as follows:
    Lack of skilled and willing board candidates to select or appoint,
    improper communication,
    lack of technical knowledge to address the issues of governance,
    lack of measurable tasks and duties for the board and committees,
    lack of risk management for the company and or entities ,
    lack of asking proper questions in the baord room,
    ignorant appointing authiorities,
    meddling in the CEO work ,CEO managing own portfolio instead of addressing corporate strategic issues of the entity.
    There are many areas of concern tha ipact the performance of the Board of governors or directors and their committees even if they would have the charters, it wont help much.
    Poor attitude towards corporate governance play a mjor role for corporate governance gudielines to be followed. Understandably, the practice of corporate governance is the LAW but is a voluntary best practice which should be in consonance with the LAW.
    Richard Gudoi Gid’Agui

  2. hsepilot says:

    many thanks Richard.

    kind regards,

    Prof. Stuart Emslie Editor

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