The cost of healthcare fraud?

The Centre for Counter fraud Studies at the University of Portsmouth and accountancy firm MacIntyre Hudson LLP have produced a report on public sector fraud that includes consideration of the NHS. According to the authors, the report “applies the most accurate figures which are available to estimate the financial cost of fraud…..”

In relation to NHS considerations in the report, it builds on The Financial Cost of Healthcare Fraud report produced by the same others and states that “On the basis of the evidence, it is clear that healthcare fraud and error losses in any organisation should currently be expected to be at least 3%, probably more than 5% and possibly as much as 10%.”

On this basis, the authors suggest that fraud in the NHS costs some £2.837 billion per year, compared to the ‘official’ figure of only £263 million.

Download the report, The financial cost of UK Public Sector Fraud, here.

One Response to The cost of healthcare fraud?

  1. […] firm MacIntyre Hudson LLP reported here in Healthcare Governance Review on January 10 2011 (click here). According to these sources, “fraud in the NHS costs some £2.837 billion per year, compared to […]

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