Monitor consults on ‘quality governance’ reporting arrangements for NHS foundation trusts

Monitor, regulator of NHS foundation trusts, is consulting on proposals for updated annual non-financial reporting requirements for NHS foundation trusts for 2010/11 and beyond, and for seeking external assurance on Quality Reports.

This consultation includes:
• Amendments to the Directors’ report to summarise the arrangements the NHS foundation trust has in place for governing quality, highlighting any inconsistencies with other report mechanisms;
• Amendments to the Statement on Internal Control, to include:
– specific descriptions of elements of the quality governance arrangements;
– a review of the effectiveness of the foundation trust’s internal control arrangements, having regard to Monitor’s quality governance framework; and
– how the foundation trust will address any deficiencies in these internal control arrangements.
• A proposal to rename the Statement on Internal Control as the Annual Governance Statement, subject to HM Treasury approval via the Financial Reporting Advisory Board (FRAB);
• Proposals for the level of assurance sought on the Statement on Internal Control; and
• A request for advice on the feasibility of introducing these requirements for the 2010/11 Annual Report, or alternatively the case for waiting for the 2011/12 Annual Report.

The consultation ends on 22 February 2011. A copy of the consultation document can be downloaded here.

One Response to Monitor consults on ‘quality governance’ reporting arrangements for NHS foundation trusts

  1. Paul Johnson says:

    Parkhill will as usual participate in the consultation. Other internal auditors are welcome to develop and test their response to Monitor through discussion on this site.

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