Revised code of governance for voluntary and community sector – but Charity Commission Chair doesn’t appear to understand good governance!


According to the Charity Commission, “Governance is about ensuring that your organisation runs effectively and follows good practice.”

Acevo, NCVO, the Charity Trustee Network (CTN) and Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA) have launched an updated version of their 2005 good governance code for the voluntary and community sector, including charities.

The new edition, which builds on the original, includes advice on learning from the economic downturn and new thinking on governance.

The revised Code is based on six key principles describing how an effective board provides good governance and leadership:

  1. understanding their role;
  2. ensuring delivery of organisational purpose;
  3. working effectively both as individuals and a team;
  4. exercising effective control;
  5. behaving with integrity;
  6. being open and accountable.

The Code explains why each principle is important, and gives examples of how to apply them in practice.

The code is somewhat let down by a Foreword from the Chair of the Charity Commission, Dame Suzi Leather, who states that “Trustees and board members….carry an important responsibility to manage their organisations…..”

As Healthcare Governance Review readers will know, boards exist to GOVERN organisations, not to MANAGE them!

Download a copy of the revised code of governance here.

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