Irish consult on national standards for better care

The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) in Ireland are consulting on new healthcare standards for Ireland. People have until 4 November to comment.

The standards have been drawn from national and international sources and cover the following eight themes, which HIQA says collectively describe how a service provides high quality, safe and reliable care centred on the service user and reflect priorities for Irish health care:

– Person-centred care

– Leadership, governance and management

– Effective care

– Safe care

– Workforce

– Use of resources

– Use of information

– Promoting better health

Interestingly, HIQA defines ‘Leadership. governance and management’ as: “…..the organisational arrangements which support the workforce, including managers and clinicians, to do the right thing or make the right decision at the right time. They involve embedding the right culture by inspiring and influencing those who work in the service. This also requires determining the service’s direction, setting its objectives, developing its policies, planning, controlling and organising how the service delivers its stated purpose through informed decisions and actions. It also includes the deployment of the necessary resources to enable delivery and continuous improvement of high quality, safe and reliable healthcare.”


Download the draft national standards for safer better healthcare here.

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