How hard should (board) governance be?

In her latest article, Caroline Oliver, international authority on board governance and Policy Governance expert, asks the question “how hard should governance be?”

“Good governance is hard work” says Caroline, who believes that “We all tend to want to avoid hard work if we can!”

“Good governance” she says “is a matter of providing continuous leadership in terms of strategic, ethical and prudential direction and ensuring rigorous monitoring of same.”

“However,” she argues, “it all starts with the board valuing itself….[the board needs to]Recognise the importance of [its] work as providing the basis for your organisation’s long-term success.  Recognise that to accomplish all that is on [the board’s plate it will] need a sturdy framework designed for the job such as Policy Governance and make sure [the board has] invested sufficiently in support resources to get the job done.”

Read Caroline’s full article here.

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