CQC – “inspection won’t be about going into the boardroom”

Cynthia Bower, CEO of the Care Quality Commission (CQC), is quoted in the Health Service Journal (HSJ – 24 June 2010) as saying that “When we go out to inspect it won’t be about going into the boardroom it’ll be going onto wards [and] observing patient-clinician interactions.”

Could it be that Cynthia is not aware of the key role of the board when things go wrong in the NHS? And is she unaware of the recent Walker Review recommendation 4, which, when translated into an NHS context, would say that “inspection and regulatory bodies should give closer attention to the overall balance of the board in relation to the risk strategy of the business, taking into account the experience, behavioural and other qualities of individual directors and their access to fully adequate induction and development programmes. Such programmes should be designed to assure a sufficient continuing level of [NHS] awareness so that NEDs are equipped to engage proactively in NHS board deliberation, above all on risk strategy.”?

Read more about the Walker Review and its potential relevance to the NHS here.

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