USA event Oct 2010 – The role of the board in quality and safety

If any healthcare governance review readers are interested, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) is running a 2-day event for boards in Washington DC on 4/5 October 2010.

With a price tag of a little over £2000 for the 2-days, plus travel and accommodation costs on top, the event may be somewhat difficult to justify in the current economic climate, but, nevertheless, we do feel duty bound to bring the event to your attention.

According to the IHI, “meaningful and sustainable quality improvement cannot occur in any organization without the full support and engagement of the organization’s trustees [board members]. Yet, most boards are not comfortable taking responsibility for quality of care. Even those that are focused on quality need practical guidance in how to lead their organization’s quality agenda.

To help address this need, IHI is pleased to offer From the Top: The Role of the Board in Quality and Safety. Led by national experts in governance and quality, this program will improve the capability of your organization’s board to oversee quality and safety endeavours. Participants will be equipped with the practical tools and skills to take responsibility for the quality performance of the organization. Participants will learn how to:

  • Renew and sustain their board’s engagement and commitment to quality and safety

  • Improve their board’s ability to oversee quality and safety

  • Effectively integrate quality into the routine board agenda.”

The event will also address the following key issues:

  • Is your board overwhelmed by quality data and unable to determine what to do with it?

  • How can your board more effectively engage with physicians in your quality and safety agenda?

  • How will your board handle a sentinel [serious untoward] event?

  • Can we link quality, safety, satisfaction, and cost issues into a common strategic and operating plan? If so, where and how do we start?

  • How can your board of directors have the largest impact on improving both financial and quality performance? Are there organizations that have done this successfully? What did they do and how long does it take?

For further information and to enrol, click here.

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