Is ‘technology’ the key in meeting the recommendations of the Francis Inquiry report?

Here at Healthcare Governance Review we try to maintain a certain independence, particularly when it comes to commending products or services. However, occasionally something catches our attention and we feel duty bound to at least bring it to the attention of readers for their information and possible consideration.

And so it was that we got an interesting communication the other day from a company in Newbury called e-Share, who develop and sell board governance software for healthcare and other markets.

In its response to The Francis Report, eShare flags technology as an essential element to enable NHS Trusts to most effectively, and efficiently, implement the recommendations through effective board governance.

According to eShare, “Board governance software, such as eShare, provides a collaborative workspace for actively managing board governance, board assurance, the risk register and to record and manage professional development of the Trust board.”

“Many Trusts are desperately attempting to develop their own technology solutions at huge cost and/or with limited resources” says Alister Esam, CEO of eShare. “Largely ‘out of the box’ board governance software is available off the shelf with a proven ROI and this can very quickly help Trusts meet the recommendations of The Francis Report.”

“Board governance technology is starting to be embraced by many NHS Trusts,” says eShare,” however most are now looking at or managing board governance manually with the use of physical files, spreadsheets and email. These governance practices are less adequate and more inefficient than purpose-developed technology. Adoption of secure, centrally accessible board governance tools is essential in ensuring Trust Boards are best equipped to be most effective, whilst also minimising the associated back-office administration, and therefore costs and hence also satisfying the NHS Operating Framework 2010.”

According to Esam, “It is often perceived that board governance software would add an unnecessary burden to Trusts in terms of cost or administration. However, it is in fact relatively inexpensive and pays for itself many times over though significantly reducing the administrative burden typically associated with Trust governance.”

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2 Responses to Is ‘technology’ the key in meeting the recommendations of the Francis Inquiry report?

  1. Paul Johnson says:

    Like HCR, internal auditors don’t endorse 3rd party products and services, but we do know happy users when we see them. Before making such a decision, NHS organisations would be well advised to consider the experiences of others ahead of themselves. Dynamic Change’s Performance Accelerator is not the market leader in the NHS for nothing: get out and see it in action and see the benefits its users are enjoying. Go to one of their User Group sessions and see the enthusiasm for the service years after implementation, it is truly remarkable.

  2. […] To read in full what Stuart Emslie had to say about eShare, please click here. […]

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