Stronger and more accountable Foundation Trusts needed to avoid “Staffordshire 2”

The MAC Partnership, specialists in public involvement, have produced an excellent blog article on the recently published Francis inquiry report on Mid Staffs foundation trust.

According to MAC “The Francis enquiry report  is not strong enough on improving Foundation Trust governance. It largely ignores the role of the Trust’s owners – the Members of the Foundation Trust and their elected Governors.   A Foundation Trust is after all defined in law as a “public benefit corporation” – a species of social enterprise -  but what that means in practice has been deliberately fudged by Ministers and Monitor since FTs were first created. Now we can see what that sort of “governance neglect” can lead to.”

“Most worrying of all” says MAC “is the question “where was the voice of professional nursing as the patients’ champion?”  The Trust’s diverse nursing team are the most numerous group of employees and always will be. They are  everywhere and they see everything.  Had nurses taken a united stand and made their collective voice heard, the care failings of the Trust would have come to light much earlier. Where were the letters to MPs that the hundreds of nurses working in this hospital should have written?  Where were the local nursing clinical leaders? Where were the nursing trade unions and professional bodies?”

Commenting on the MAC blog article the well known commentator on NHS management issues, Roy Lilley, says “Nothing matters but an answer to the question – where were the nurses? They are front-line hands-on and ubiquitous. They MUST have known what was going on. They could not have been blind to events. Why they did not speak out is the only question – the answer to which will guide us in trying to make sure this ‘plane-crash’ of deaths does not happen again.”

Read the full MAC blog article here.

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