HSJ event 24 March 2010 – Information for Effective Governance

The Health Service Journal (HSJ) is running a one day event in London on 24 March 2010.

Titled Information for Effective Governance, the event will look at ‘effectively identifying, gathering and presenting information to drive forward improvements in governance.’

The event is chaired by Healthcare Governance Review editor Stuart Emslie and includes many distinguished speakers:

Professor Paul Stanton will explore the issue of good information for good governance.

Adrienne Fresko CBE and Sue Rubenstein will outline the new guidance for NHS boards and examine the impact that the guidance will have on NHS organisations.

David Pillsbury will present a case study in establishing effective information systems within NHS organisations and engaging people in their appropriate use.

Andrew Barber will examine the issue of ensuring robust information systems across organisational boundaries.

Caroline Oliver will talk about the Policy Governance approach to developing a holistic Board assurance framework.

Niall O’Gara will examine the specific information governance requirements for PCTs.

John Bruce will talk about overcoming the unique information for governance challenges that Foundation Trust status brings.

In addition to the above, a session is planned to facilitate the development of Board members’ understanding of information.

For further information click here.

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