Governance of PCT provider services – discussion paper

Dynamic Change and The Good Governance Institute have published a paper that outlines current issues and provides governance guidance to PCTs and their provider services.  According to Dynamic Change “…in writing this paper it became clear that governance arrangements were often being developed in a hurry and without thinking through the ramifications for the future. Worse still, in many PCTs governance arrangements were being arrived at without a clear vision of what was to be governed.”

The purpose of the paper, according to Dynamic Change, is to encourage PCTs to pause before committing themselves further, and to be thoughtful about what it is they are doing. PCT leaders should think through what the aims of their provider de-merger is, the holistic nature of modern thinking on governance and only then start to put in place governance arrangements that are appropriate.

Readers will probably be familiar with the authors of this paper, Andrew Corbett-Nolan and Dr. John Bullivant of The Good Governance Institute.

To order your free electronic copy of the first draft of this discussion paper email

2 Responses to Governance of PCT provider services – discussion paper

  1. I Lester says:

    Pls send free draft electronic copy of discussion paper

  2. jobyobyknoby says:

    This will not be an unbiased paper as Dynamic Change are in the business of selling a piece of software that they will claim will help all provider arms manage their governance arrangements, so take with a pinch of salt!

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