Monitor removes Chair of Colchester Hospital University NHS foundation trust

Monitor, the independent regulator of NHS foundation trusts, has used its regulatory powers to remove Mr Richard Bourne as Chair of the Trust with immediate effect and appoint Sir Peter Dixon as interim Chair of Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust with effect from Monday 30 November 2009.

The decision to intervene was taken by Monitor’s Board at its monthly meeting at which the Board found the Trust in significant breach of its Authorisation.

Regulatory action has been prompted by the Trust’s failure to comply with healthcare standards; its failure to exercise its functions effectively, efficiently and economically; and serious and wide ranging concerns as to overall governance and leadership at the Trust.

Having given full consideration to these issues, and the various options for regulatory action, Monitor decided a change in Board leadership was most likely to assist in a rapid and sustained return to compliance with the terms of its Authorisation. Monitor’s Board has therefore taken action to ensure that the Trust has the Board-level leadership capacity to secure on an ongoing basis safe, high quality care for its patients.

Commenting on the intervention, Monitor’s Executive Chairman, William Moyes said:

“We have taken this decision to ensure the Trust has the Board leadership capacity to address our concerns. Ultimately this is about making sure the Trust is in a position to identify risks and challenges that affect patient services and then deliver an effective response.

“Sir Peter Dixon is a highly experienced Chair of a successful foundation trust that has successfully addressed challenges of its own. I am confident his leadership will benefit Colchester Hospital University by providing strategic board-level leadership.”

Sir Peter Dixon’s term as interim Chair will conclude when the Trust has demonstrated that it can return to compliance with its Authorisation and at that time we will expect the Trust’s governors to commence a permanent appointment to the role.

Read Monitor’s full statement on this matter here.

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