Health Care Risk Report October 2009

Swine flu is continuously on the NHS agenda at the moment, and Health Care Risk Report presents a different view this month. Professor Hilary Pickles, a public health and risk expert, points out that lessons can be learned from the rush to set up antiviral distribution centres over the summer – not least that the distraction it caused posed a risk to normal NHS business. 

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 Also in the October issue of Health Care Risk Report :

 – how GPs reacted to using the Primary Care Trigger Tool to identify harm in their practices, by Dr Richard Jenkins and colleagues from the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement

– whether “Seven steps to patient safety” is too far for GPs to climb, by Dr Tayza Aung

– how the NPSA plans to take forward learning from serious incidents, by chief executive Martin Fletcher

– patient safety in the Netherlands and Pennsylvania, USA

– the Department of Health’s new consent guidance and changes to Lasting Power of Attorney forms.

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Declaration of interest: Stuart Emslie, editor of Healthcare Governance Review, is on the editorial advisory board of, and is a regular contributor to, Health Care Risk Report.

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