Health Care Risk Report Vol 15 Issue 9 September 2009

The September 2009 issue of Health Care Risk Report  (HCRR) includes the following issues and articles that may be of interest to Healthcare Governance Review readers:

– Why questions remain in spite of an internal inquiry, complaint, and claim following a baby’s death, by Nicola Wainwright from Leigh Day & Co
– The effect of budgetary pressures on pressure sores and staff sickness absence at an NHS trust, by Helen Jones and colleagues from Loughborough University
– How an aviation manual on risk management could usefully be adapted for the NHS
– How lives have been saved through “Operation Life” in Denmark, and what named trusts in the English patient safety campaign are doing
– What the National Patient Safety Agency can tell us about healthcare-associated harm to children
– Why record-keeping is of vital importance even at the busiest times
– What the Parliamentary health committee’s report on patient safety recommends and how the NHS has responded.

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Declaration of interest: Stuart Emslie, editor of Healthcare Governance Review, is on the editorial advisory board of, and is a regular contributor to, Health Care Risk Report.

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