New book – Enhancing Patient Care: A practical guide to improving quality and safety in hospitals

This is, perhaps, THE most practical and useful book on patient safety and quality of care available today. Every hospital and anyone involved in patient care, clinical governance, quality, safety and/or risk management should have a copy. And any educational programme covering the subjects mentioned should commend this book as a key text.

Written by Australian clinicians, Associate Professor Alan Wolff, Director of Medical Services, and Sally Taylor, Clinical Risk Manager and former midwife (see photo), and formally launched by the Victoria Health Minister on 31 August 2009 (click here), this is a commonsense guide to quality improvement and risk management in hospitals. The book is based on their work, over many years, in the Wimmera Health Care Group in Victoria, Australia. Their experience at a regional hospital has led to a pragmatic framework that guides other health services through the relevant evidence and theory, down to finest details on practical quality, safety and risk management. 

Whilst the book has been described in terms of “help[ing] improve practices and patient outcomes in hospitals throughout Australia” there is little, if anything, in the book that cannot be applied internationally. Enhancing Patient Care will be of particular use to anyone who wants to set up or improve a quality improvement and risk management program, regardless of size and budget.

 Alan Wolff 

Assoc. Prof. Alan Wolff and Sally Taylor

The book contents include:

– Explanations of clinical governance, quality improvement and risk management
– How to detect adverse events and risks to patient safety
– A practical framework to prevent adverse events and reduce risks
– How to develop a quality improvement and patient safety culture
– A step-by-step guide to implementing a clinical risk management program in your health service
– How to develop a clinical risk management program in a small hospital

Interested readers can download a PDF preview of the book, which includes the detailed contents pages, a diagrammatic description of the Wimmera quality improvement and risk management model, and a Foreword by Profesor Bruce Barraclough, Chairman of the International Society of Quality in Healthcare (ISQua), here.

The book costs 50 Australian dollars (approx. 30 British pounds) and can be purchased from the bookshop of the Medical Journal of Australia, here.

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