Policy Governance in the NHS

The Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) has published an article on Policy Governance in the NHS.

Policy Governance is a highly organised approach to board efficiency. Policy Governance starts from directors’ agreement about their board’s purpose and culminates in a set of standing controls that the board constantly uses and improves upon to get its job done. 

Using Policy Governance equips boards to:

– display leadership – from their own agenda, not the executive’s
– think as many; act as one
– secure their organisations within rigorously monitored bounds of safety and ethics
– make purpose number one
– find time and space to focus on the future
– have one concise living document that integrates all they need to say
– empower their executives to be their best
– have brief clear regular information about all they need to control.

Policy Governance is described by Sir Adian Cadbury as the most conceptually coherent model of board governance that currently exists. BPs board governance principles (see www.bp.com) are based on Policy Governance. Several NHS organisations are currently implementing the Policy Governance approach to board governance, including Southend University Hospital NHS foundation trust, Hereford Hospitals NHS trust and Leicestershire Country and Rutland Community Health Services.

Read the article Policy Governance in the NHS click here.

For further information on Policy Governance click here.

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