The Intelligent Board 2009 – Commissioning to reduce inequalities

Three years ago The Intelligent Board series sought to create simple, practical guidance to help NHS boards use information intelligently to fulfil their roles. The Intelligent Commissioning Board was published just as the new boards for reconfigured PCTs were coming together for the first time. Since then, PCTs have matured as organisations and acquired increasing power and responsibility.

The Darzi report has refreshed the agenda for system reform and World Class Commissioning has set the pace. The introduction of Joint Strategic Needs Assessments and the new system of Comprehensive Area Assessments are raising the bar on partnership working to improve services and the wellbeing of local communities.

This latest report from Dr Foster aims to revisit the principles and approach first set out in The Intelligent Board and to apply them to the challenge of commissioning to tackle inequalities. The task Dr Foster set themselves was to plot a path through an area which is fraught with complexity and information overload and in which there are few unequivocal answers. According to Dr Foster, they “have taken that complexity seriously but we make no apology for attempting to arrive at some simple, practical advice to help boards meet the challenge. We will have achieved our objective if this report prompts debate in PCT boardrooms and leads to action on using information intelligently to understand, tackle and monitor inequalities.”

Download The Intelligent Board 2009 – Commissioning to reduce inequalities here.

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