Improving clinical governance in Out of Hours services – ECRI Institute’s INsight Systems Assessment

Out of Hours (OoH) services now provide patient care for 70 per cent of the patient week. With this comes the clinical governance challenge to ensure that the quality of service remains as high as ever, having reduced any exposure to unnecessary risks. Recent tragic events in the provision of Out of Hours services remind us that this is often a very difficult and ever present challenge for the commissioners and providers of these services.

This is why the ECRI Institute, a major non-profit health services research agency, and sponsor of Healthcare Governance Update, has developed its dedicated INsight ™ Systems Assessment Programme for the use of Out of Hours services. An INsight system assessment is a multidimensional organisation-wide patient safety, risk and quality systems assessment. It helps an organisation determine if its systems are robust, reliable and effective enough to support its governance responsibilities to ensure quality and meet the national standards.

More information about INsight System Assessment for Out of Hours Services is provided here.

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