ECRI Institute Alerts Tracker launched in primary care

ECRI Institute, a non-profit health services research agency and sponsor of Healthcare Governance Update, has recently launched in primary care its Alerts Tracker web based system for tracking action on safety alerts. Although the system has been widely used by secondary care providers in the UK and around the world for many years, it has recently been modified for use in primary care.

In launching Alerts Tracker for primary care, Dr David Watson, ECRI Institute Vice President UK & Europe, explained that primary care has just the same needs to ensure that the loop is closed effectively once a safety alert has been notified. Also, in ECRI’s experience it’s one thing to receive a safety alert but to get it into the right hands and get the necessary assurance that action had been taken was quite a different matter. He went on to say that many PCTs were seeing the advantage of the system as it reduced the need for lots of administrative time in chasing up action.

For further information click here –  Alerts_Tracker_HGR

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