NHS Governance 2009 conference a success

The Health Service Journal’s (HSJ) annual NHS governance conference held over 3-days at Earls Court in London this week attracted over 300 delegates across the different days, with some attending two or all three days.

The conference was a great success with a host of excellent speakers plus good audience participation during panel sessions, etc.

The general state of chaos and confusion around governance and management was a key issue to come out of the event. The speaker from the new Care Quality Commission added to the confusion by saying that “governance relates to consistent management, cohesive policies, processes and decision rights for a given area of responsibility.” This is a new definition that does not align with the myriad definitions already in place in various NHS guidance documents, and does not conform to key thinking about governance. Interestingly, another speaker coined a ‘new’ governance term at the event. Professor Paul Stanton spoke about “intelligent governance.” Healthcare Governance Review looks forward to the day that the subject of governance in the NHS will be addressed ‘intelligently’ by the Department of Health and associated agencies and bodies, including the new Care Quality Commission!

The presentations from the event should be posted on the web for free download by 3 July. When available, download the presentations by clicking here.

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