New NHS Evidence site caters for governance

The new NHS Evidence site launched yesterday (30 April 2009) by NICE will, according to NICE, ” allow people working across health and social care – including social workers, commissioners, clinicians, academics and researchers – to access a comprehensive range of sources of clinical and non-clinical evidence to help them make informed decisions about treatments and resources.

“Until now,” says NICE “evidence of what works to prevent and treat many conditions has been generated, analysed and interpreted by different unaccredited sources. Announced as part of Lord Darzi’s report ‘High Quality Care for All’ (June 2008), NHS Evidence will help users identify the best evidence by sorting, sifting and prioritising a range of information and awarding an accreditation mark to the most reliable and trustworthy sources of guidance. All information submitted for accreditation will be assessed by an independent advisory committee and guidance producers must show they meet a pre-defined set of criteria indicating that their product has been developed using rigorous processes.”

Healthcare Governance Review did a short ‘test drive’ of NHS Evidence searching for all information that contained the word “governance.” A total of 3,804 entries were found.

The new NHS Evidence service can be accessed here.

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