New reporting requirements put quality at top of Board agenda

New reporting requirements announced on 23 April 2009 will see NHS foundation trusts across England and all NHS organisations in the East of England report on the quality of care their organisations deliver – and how they plan to improve it – as part of their 2008-09 Annual Reports.

The introduction of quality reporting follows a joint consultation by Monitor, NHS East of England, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the Department of Health.

According to Monitor, regulator of NHS foundation trusts, “Quality reports will help to develop more transparent and accountable public reporting, ensure that Boards have clear priorities and achievable plans in place for driving improvement, and help to inform the development of Quality Accounts, a legal requirement for all NHS organisations from 2010 as set out in High Quality Care for All.

All NHS foundation trusts in England, and NHS organisations in the East of England, will be asked to:

Produce a quality narrative which provides an overview of the quality of care the organisation offers, its priorities for improvement and how these improvements will be achieved. Patients and the public can use this information to hold Boards to account on the commitments they make;

Respond to any concerns raised about their trust by regulators or representatives of the public (i.e. LINks) and the actions taken to address these concerns; and

Report on their performance in 2008/09 on the basis of indicators chosen by the trust for patient safety, clinical effectiveness and patient experience. In addition to local indicators, the organisation must also report on its performance against national priorities and core standards.”

Further information can be found here.

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