Forthcoming book – Governing the New NHS

The authors of the Integrated Governance and Governance between Organisations publications, Michael Deighan, John Bullivant and Andrew Corbett-Nolan, are involved in a new book due for publication on 28 February 2010 by Routledge.

Currently titled Governing the New NHS – Issues and Tensions in Health Service Management (sic) the book will build on the authors’ collective experience of their approach to governance that they have been promulgating across the UK NHS.

According to the publisher’s information on the book, “Governing the New NHS makes sense of the new systems and will enable anyone interested in healthcare governance to navigate their way confidently through the confusion. It describes, assesses and critiques the new governance arrangements. It examines how they are working in practice, reporting on how practitioners are making sense of, and responding to, the difficulties and paradoxes that arise. The book:

– Explains current governance arrangements and explores related issues and tensions – such as those between the devolved countries, and primary and secondary care trusts.
– Discusses the roles and interrelationships of boards and effective board practice.
– Debates the nature of effective governance and how to do it well
– Looks at how to ensure seamless governance and service provision in a fragmented NHS – avoiding gaps and problems between different health service providers.”

Whilst Healthcare Governance Review has previously been critical of the authors’ apparent understanding of the distinction betweeen governance and management (e.g. click here and note also the proposed title and strapline for the book, above!), nevertheless this book will undoubtedley be an essential purchase for anyone with an interest in healthcare governance.

For further information, click here.

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