Paul Stanton on the dilemmas of NHS governance

I’ve just spent a great two days with Paul Stanton at Villa Park Stadium in Birmingham (Ed.). No, we weren’t watching football. On Tuesday we were exploring governance in the NHS at the Health Service Journal’s(HSJ) ‘Fundamentals of NHS Governance’ event and yesterday we were at the HSJ’s first ‘Governance Challenge’  event, which was led by Paul (click here). 

Paul is an excellent ambassador for NHS governance.  

He has an online article in the HSJ published today that explores the ‘dilemmas of NHS governance.’

According to Paul, “There is continuing uncertainty about the meaning of the term governance. It is almost as often misused as it is used – not least by the Department of Health and others in the NHS who should know better……..Board governance”, says Paul, “is the application of collective wisdom to complex and often profound uncertainty.

Read Paul’s full article, click here.

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