Staff survey results indicate improvement in staff governance across NHS Scotland

NHS Scotland is unique in that it meets special standards relating to ‘staff governance.’

Staff governance is a system of corporate accountability for the fair and effective management of staff. It focuses on how NHSScotland staff are managed and feel they are being managed, which with Financial and Clinical Governance completes the Governance framework within which NHS Boards, Special Health Boards and NHS National Services Scotland must operate.

A key indicator of staff governance is the biannual national staff survey. The results from the staff survey are used to develop action plans that facilitate delivery against the Staff Governance Standard.

Over 58,000 (37%) employees from all NHS Boards and Special NHS Boards across Scotland responded to the national survey which was sent out in October and November 2008.

The staff survey, which is carried out every two years, focuses on how staff are managed and feel they are managed and invites employees to share their views and experiences of working for the NHS.

The national results for 2008 show that the majority of respondees:

– were happy to go the ‘extra mile’ at work when required;
– were satisfied with the support they receive from work colleagues;
– felt their job makes good use of their skills and abilities;
– were clear about what they were expected to achieve and have the information to they need to do their job well; and
– intend to still be working within their NHS Board in 12 months time.

Compared to the last survey in 2006, the findings show improvement in a number of areas:

– 17% more respondees feel they have equality of opportunity in the work place;
– 16% more respondees feel satisfied with the opportunities they have to put forward new ideas or suggestions for improvement;
– 16% more respondees are confident their ideas or suggestions would be listened to;
– 12% more respondees feel that NHS Scotland is a good place to work;
– 10% fewer respondees stated they have experienced a violent incident in the last 12 months.

Both the staff survey results and the Staff Governance Standard can be accessed here.

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