New book for boards – Getting Started with Policy Governance

Caroline Oliver, author and co-author of a number of books on Policy Governance, has a new book that EVERYONE concerned with board governance in healthcare should read.

Getting Started with Policy Governance – Bringing Purpose, Integrity, and Efficiency to Your Board is, according to Geraldine Peacock, former chair of The Charity Commission,  “…..a great read…..comprehensive, accessible, and fills a big gap in the market.”

Policy Governance was developed by Dr John Carver, whose seminal book for public and non-profit organisations – Boards That Make a Difference – is by the far the World’s largest selling book on board governance, with over 100,000 copies sold.

Carver’s Policy Governance approach was commended in the Department of Health’s recent publication on Implementing Trust, Assurance and Safety (click here for further information) as providing “….the most relevant and sensible advice, focussed on the public/not for profit sector, and widely respected.”

Dr Jay Bevington of Deloitte’s (formerly associate director of board development at the National Clinical Governance Support Team) says “What a truly outstanding and thought-provoking book! It changed how I work with boards overnight and forever! If we all took the advice within the pages of this book, then organisations would deliver greater value to their owners and be better places to work.”

John Bruce, chair of Southend University Hospital NHS foundation trust says “For boards wanting to raise their game, this book is very thought-provoking and helpful. It’s a must for all board members. Board chairs – ignore it at your peril!”

Caroline’s book is currently priced at £15.83 on and can be found here.

Declaration of interest: Stuart Emslie, editor of Healthcare Governance Review, is CEO of the UK Policy Governance Association, a non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing owner-accountable, ethical and effective governance using the Carver Policy Governance model.

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  1. […] Oliver on ‘What owners might expect of a great board’ In her latest book – Getting Started with Policy Governance – Caroline posits that owners of organisations would like to have great boards (see pages 54-55). […]

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