Jay Bevington says “PCT boards must take urgent action if they are to stand a chance of implementing world-class commissioning”

In a recent edition of In View, the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement’s board development journal, Dr Jay Bevington, a director in Deloitte’s public sector assurance and advisory practice, and formerly associate director of board development with the NHS Clinical Governance Support Team, outlines some of the current concerns that threaten to deflect PCT boards course in their attempts to meet the aspirations of world-class commissioning.

These concerns were elicited from nine PCTs that agreed to help the NHS Institue review its online Board Development Tool against world-class commissioning standards.

The key concerns facing PCT boards include:

– the impact on forward plans of splitting commissioning and provider functions and the search for an appropriate governance model.
– their capacity and capability as commissioning organisations with relatively few staff. Most PCTs currently have too much on their agenda and do not have the management capacity to deliver everything that is expected of them.
– how to ‘stimulate the market’ to encourage new entrants in response to identified gaps.
– how to secure real clinical engagement – through practice-based commissioning or other means – in an environment where GPs tend to dominate clinical representation. How representative are GPs of the rest of the clinical community?
– concerns over PCTs sliding into deficit.

Read the full interview with Jay in In Viewonline here.

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