Introducing the US Institute for Diversity in Health Management

Given relatively recent press regarding diversity and NHS boards (click here), Healthcare Governance review was intrigued to happen across the Institute for Diversity in Health Management in the USA.

The Institute – an affiliate of the American Hospital Association – is a nonprofit organization that works closely with health services organisations and educators to expand leadership opportunities for ethnic minorities in health services management. The Institute’s mission is to increase the number of people of color in health services administration to better reflect the increasingly diverse communities they serve, and to improve opportunities for professionals already in the health care field. To accomplish this, the Institute has designed several initiatives to generate significant long-term results through educational programs, summer internships, professional development and leadership conferences.

The Institute’s vision is one of “Leadership of health care institutions that reflects the ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity of the communities they serve, resulting in the delivery of culturally competent health care to all constituent communities.”

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