NHSLA publishes its evidence to the Health Committee inquiry into patient safety

The NHS Litigation Authority (NHSLA) has published, on its website, it’s evidence submitted to the House of Commons Health Committee.

The NHSLA provides a set of risk management standards specific to the risks faced by each type of NHS healthcare organisation i.e. acute hospitals, mental health & learning disability services, Ambulance Trusts and Primary Care Trusts, along with a set of standards for implementation by the independent sector covered under CNST when providing NHS care. Each set of standards incorporates organisational, clinical and health & safety risks. Separate clinical standards exist for organisations providing maternity services.

According to the NHSLA, “It is not possible to demonstrate a causal relationship between the introduction of the NHSLA risk management standards and assessments and improved patient safety, because of the complex environment of NHS care and the range of variables which would need to be considered. However, anecdotal evidence from those required to implement the standards, and the views of other stakeholders, suggest that they provide an effective framework within which to manage risks and thereby promote patient safety.”

The NHSLA’s evidence to the Health Committee can be downloaded here.

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