US Center for Healthcare Governance introduces its “Quality Curriculum for Trustees” (Non-executives)

According to the US Center for Healthcare Governance, “Since quality of care is central to the mission of every hospital and health system, there is an increasing demand for the Board’s active role in inspiring even greater quality performance. This imperative has taken on a new urgency as quality is increasingly recognized as fundamental to a hospital’s mission of providing safe, cost-effective and affordable health care.”

The Center for Healthcare Governance has produced a Quality Curriculum for Trustees, developed to increase hospital Board member knowledge of the quality imperative. The six-hour program includes interactive sessions, including video segments, case history discussions, and small group exercises facilitated by trained presenters who specialize in quality and patient safety issues.

Specifically, the Quality Curriculum for Trustees is designed:

– to enhance Board members’ abilities to make the clear connections between their work in the boardroom, the performance of their organization, and the well being of patients and the community;
– to provide the tools Board members need to effectively drive their hospitals’ quality and safety initiatives; and
– with the flexibility to be customized based on individual organizational strategy, mission, and vision.

The Curriculum is timely and relevant for any organization interested in improving quality performance, or more effectively driving quality and patient safety initiatives. As a governance resource, the Curriculum will offer value for boards, trustees and executives of hospitals and health care systems, as well as related organizations with responsibilities or oversight related to quality and patient safety.

Whilst the curriculum is obviously geared to a USA context, nevertheless there is much in the curriculum that can be applied to healthcare boards outside America.

Download the Quality Curriculum for Trustees here.

Download the Board Quality Education Program Self-Assessment Tool for Trustees here.

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