Announcing the sad death of Professor Ellie Scrivens

Ellie Scrivens died peacefully at home early this morning (19 October 2008) following a relatively short illness. Her death is a great tragedy both for the field of healthcare governance and for her loving husband and two children.

Ellie built an international reputation in the field of healthcare standards and, subsequently, governance. She was an inspiration to me in my work on developing healthcare standards in the early nineties. When I joined the Department of Health as head of controls assurance for the NHS in England in 1998, Ellie provided invaluable assistance with the design and development of the NHS controls assurance standards. She subsequently became director of our NHS Controls Assurance Support Unit (CASU) at Keele University where she was an established professor of health policy.

When the controls assurance project came to it’s natural end in 2004 and the controls assurance standards were replaced by the Standards for Better Health, Ellie successfully transformed CASU into the Health Care Standards Unit (HCSU). HCSU helped many NHS organisations with the challenges of compliance with the Standards for Better Health.

Further information on Ellie’s professional career and achievements can be found here.

An obituary in The Guardian newspaper can be found here.

Ellie’s death is both untimely and unfair. Healthcare Governance Review extends its deepest sympathy to her family.

Stuart Emslie, Editor, Healthcare Governance Review

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