Patient and public involvement: the challenges facing NHS boards

In an article in the Health Service Journal (HSJ – 26 September 2008), Robina Shah, chair of Stockport NHS foundation trust, talks to Joan Saddler, the national director of patient and public affairs, who appears very clear about the role of boards in enhancing the visibility of patients and the public.

“Many boards believe in the concept of patient and public involvement and engagement,” says Ms Saddler in the article,  “but they struggle with implementation. Successful boards will eventually find solutions to critical and complex problems, therefore ensuring the organisation has the skills, as well as the will, to embed patient and public engagement.”

She goes on to say that “Patient and public involvement is not difficult, but it requires complex planning. Boards currently have a range of important drivers that the system has previously lacked. These include an emphasis on patient experience in the key operating framework targets, an emphasis on quality and personalisation of care in Lord Darzi’s report, and the real operational levers the world class commissioning framework can facilitate.”

Read the full article here.

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