Building an exceptional board – Effective practices for health care governance

The American Hospital Association’s Center for Healthcare Governance has published a report on building an exceptional healthcare board.

In 2007, the Health Research and Educational Trust (HRET), with funding from Russell Reynolds Associates and the Center for Healthcare Governance, convened a Blue Ribbon Panel to examine critical issues facing health care boards and practices that lead to exceptional governance. The BRP report includes the panel’s recommendations in specific areas, as well as sample tools and resources to implement them. It is intended to foster broader dialogue and sharing, among healthcare organizations and their boards, of perspectives and resources to further strengthen and improve health care governance.

Panel members included chief executives and board members of hospitals and health care systems, governance researchers and consultants and others with expertise in leadership and governance. They identified and focused their deliberations on five areas they believed were critical to effective governance:

– Being an Accountable Board: Earning and Maintaining the Public’s Trust;
– Building and Sustaining a Proactive and Interactive Board Culture;
– Laying a Foundation for Effective Decision-Making: Board Meetings and Information for Governing;
– Focusing the Board on Key Governance Priorities; and
– Clarifying Authority and Responsibility: The Buck Stops Where?

The report can be freely downloaded by clicking here.

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