UK Government publishes “National Risk Register”

The Government has published a “National Risk Register” that sets out its assessment of the likelihood and potential impact of a range of different risks that may directly affect the UK. This was promised in the National Security Strategy published earlier this year.

The publication of information on these risks, previously held confidentially within government, is intended to encourage public debate on security and help organisations, individuals, families and communities, who want to do so, to prepare for emergencies. The Register provides an assessment of the
most significant emergencies which the United Kingdom and its citizens could face over the next five years summarised into three categories: accidents, natural events (collectively known as hazards) and malicious attacks (known as threats).

A Cabinet Office spokeswoman said: “It looks at the whole range of risks and looks at them from a national perspective. It is the first time all of this has been brought together in this way.”

The risk register is due to be updated annually.

The risk register contains information for organisations that will be of particular interest to healthcare organisations in the UK. [Interestingly, risk registers are believed to have first beenĀ introduced to the UK in 1999 through the Department of Health’s Controls Assurance project for the NHS in England – Ed.]

The National Risk Register can be accessed here.

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