NHS governance creep – ‘educational governance’

Healthcare Governance Reviewis concerned as much with ‘governance creep’ in the NHS, as it is with trying to get a handle on what good governance actually looks like.

There are now so many governance terms and terminology that keeping track of governance matters in healthcare is an almost impossible task. It all started with corporate governance, controls assurance and clinical governance. Then we had research governance, information governance, medicines governance, commissioning governance, local governance, converged governance, health and safety governance, risk governance, shared governance, integrated governance, and governance between organisations – to name but a few.

This article in the Health Service Journal was published in February 2007 and talks about ‘educational governance’. It’s author, John Ennis, says that “Good governance is as much about the quality of learning as it is about patient safety, or running an effective organisation.” He talks about standards developed by Skills for Healththat could help healthcare organisations develop an ‘educational governance framework’ for both clinical and non-clinical education.

Read John’s article here (registration may be required).

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