Health Care Risk Report Vol 14 Issue 7 June 2008

Governance of primary care trust (PCT) commissioning features in this issue of Health Care Risk Report (HCRR) with an article by Paddy Pearce and Rob McSherry (otherwise known for their excellent book on clinical governance). They believe that “PCTs require knowledgeable, skilled, competent individuals and teams who proactively embrace the principles of transformational leadership, to truly embed integrated governance into commissioning and thus assure the quality of services received by their local population. Commissioning governance” says Pearce and McSherry “can help PCTs provide evidence that they are truly world-class commissioners.”

John Tingle reviews the Healthcare Commission’s second report about complaints in the NHS in England and concludes that the themes and clinical issues identified in the report “are notable in the main for their simplicity and basic nature.” He further concludes that “these are recurring themes year after year. The NHS does not seem to ever to learn the simple, basis lessons of the past.”

Maria Dineen reviews recent National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) guidance on the use of risk matrices and concludes that whilst the guidance brings together some useful concepts, careful thought is needed when actually using it.

Patient safety also features in this issue of HCRR. An article by Michael Weaver from Bromley Hospitals NHS Trust tells how the Trust has used the Manchester Patient Safety Framework Tool (MaPSaF) to aid compliance with safety standards and to research whether incident reporting rates were associated with perception of safety culture. The tool was found to be useful in revealing a lack of knowledge about incident reporting systems, but some staff felt inhibited in workshops when more senior staff were present. In a separate article by Pat Anderson, editor of HCRR, the national campaigns to improve patient safety in Scotland and Wales are highlighted.

Another article looks at Revising Consent Form 4 in line with the Mental Capacity Act and also in this issue there is the usual generous helping of news and legal case reviews to keep you up-to-date.

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Declaration of interest: Stuart Emslie, editor of Healthcare Governance Review, is on the editorial advisory board of, and is a regular contributor to, Health Care Risk Report.

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