Irish report on ‘system of governance’ for quality and patient safety imminent

According to the Irish Medical Times (18 June 2008) the Department of Health in Ireland has announced that the Commission on Patient Safety and Quality Assurance will publish its report on the licensing of public and private healthcare providers and services in July 2008.  Currently, there is no system of regulation for private healthcare providers.

The Commission will develop proposals for a system of governance based on corporate accountability for the quality and safety of health services, the Department stated. They will apply to both public and private providers, essentially creating one standard. The Commission will also devise:

* a system of leadership for clinicians and managers which would underpin robust corporate accountability for institutional and clinical performance;
* a statutory system of licensing for public and private healthcare providers and services;
* the process of quality assurance of clinical services (with an emphasis on clinical outcomes) for public and private healthcare providers and services;
* procedures for healthcare professionals and managers to anticipate risks and promote good performance through effective risk identification, near-miss and critical incident reporting;
* the governance of regulatory bodies in the health system and ways in which effective integration can be enabled between the various bodies.

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