Local elected health boards and patients as true paying ‘customers’ – A cure for the NHS?

It’s a trusism that control is usually vested in people who hold the purse strings. Power resides where the money lies. No surprise then that if the government truly want to move from rhetoric to reality on creating a ‘patient centred’ NHS, then patients themselves need to hold the money. They need to become true empowered ‘customers’ of the NHS rather than disempowered ‘patients’.

According to James Gubb, Director of the Health Unit at independent social policy think tank Civitas, and author of the report ‘Why the NHS is the sick man of Europe’, the “The long-awaited debate on the future of the NHS has yet to begin.” And the debate needs to consider, as part of the overall answer, the issues such as money coming from patients, and locally elected health boards with the power to set local priorities for directing local resources and healthcare provision.

Read more from James Gubb at: www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/opinion/James-Gubb-We-still-havent.3898122.jp

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