Less than half of health sector organisations have a business continuity plan

According to the Health Service Journal (www.hsj.co.uk – 11 March 2008), a report published by the Chartered Institute of Management and the Cabinet Office found that only 39% of health sector organisations have a business continuity plan. Business continuity is an important consideration in health serives. Driven by the needs of good corporate governance, “Business Continuity Management (BCM) is based on the principle that it is the key responsibility of an organisation’s directors to ensure the continuation of its business at all times.”

 Risk management

In the NHS in England, the Department of Health’s Emergency Planning controls assurance standard effectively dealt with the issues of BCM – but the controls assurance standards were replaced in 2004 by the ‘Standards for Better Health’, which make no mention of BCM.

The full report – Business Continuity Management 2008 – can be downloaded at: www.managers.org.uk/listing_media_1.aspx?id=10:347&id=10:138&id=10:11&doc=10:5129

A copy of the controls assurance standard on Emergency Planning (dated October 2002) can be downloaded here: em-standard.pdf 

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